Stick a fork in me

You shouldn’t really stick a fork in me, as I’m really not done. IU’s six week first summer session is over. The  two classes I was dumb enough to take during the short session are over. I however, am not done. I have many more hours to complete before the masters degree in Library Science is bestowed unto me.

The six weeks was stressful. I had a Mon./Wed. class and a Tue./Thurs. class. There were readings, and assignments, and papers. I didn’t really have time to give it my all, but I actually did pretty well. I think that getting through that grueling session boosted my confidence. I’m starting to feel like I can accomplish anything. I can go ahead and get started doing the things I want to do-making and selling jewelry for instance. I can start blogging again.

In other old news, I had some of my jewelry for sale at the Different Drummer Belly Dancers table at the Spencer Pride Festival.  Nothing sold, but that’s okay. I think I need more merchandise to attract people. I’m planning to sell at Gencon in August too. The next step is to organize all of my jewelry-making stuff so I can start producing pieces!

Here are some pieces.

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Green and white beaded bracelet


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