My Monday

Yesterday was interesting. I sold something on Ebay, and it was time to ship it to the buyer. I packed up the item, weighed on my stamps.com scale, and printed the postage. I went out the mailbox hoping the box would fit. It did not.  So, I figure out can watch out for the mailman and hand it to him when he gets to the house. I kept thinking I heard the mail truck, and I would go look out the window-no mailman. This was going to be one of his late days. That would have been okay if I didn’t have an eye appoint at 3:00. But I did have an eye appointment, and I wanted to leave the house at 2:30 to give myself plenty of time to get there. 2:30 comes around and the mailman still hasn’t showed. I have to go, so I take the package to the car with me. I’ll go to the post office and drop it in the parcel drop thingy. There are two post office locations in Bloomington. One is on the east side, and the other is kind of halfway between the east side and the west side. That one we call the Ponderosa post office because it’s in the building that used to be the Ponderosa restaurant. But, before I leave the house, I see the mail truck down the street. I figure I’ll wait a few minutes for him to get to my house. I sit in the car and look at something on my phone (probably I played Angry Birds).  It seems to be taking forever for him to make his way up the street so I look again. It appears he hasn’t moved. So I leave.

Angry Birds
Angry Birds

I get to the optometry clinic and find that the air conditioning isn’t working. It would have been nice if they had called to see if I wanted to reschedule because the ac was out. Anyway, I get through the appointment and head to the post office  It isn’t easy to get to the Ponderosa because it’s situated between two one-way streets and the parking lot is only accessible from the  street that goes north-bound. I’m behind a slow moving vehicle and they turn  into the parking lot ahead of me. They turn really slowly and then stop to let the passenger out without giving much warning that they plan to do that.  I’m annoyed because I need to get around them, and I don’t have much room since they stopped 3 seconds after pulling into the parking lot. I park and go into the post office. There is a guy with the package  at the package drop so I have to wait my turn. I get to the thing only to find it won’t open. I guess they locked it because it was full or something. So I have to wait in line. At the post office, there’s always someone ahead of you who has some complicated business to conduct. I always  try to make my interaction with the postal worker quick and efficient. Anyway, the package got sent. Then it was time to go to the Y with Dad and take Cammie to the vet to check if the medication she got on Saturday was working for her eye infection. That was my Monday.

Cammie chillin' on the Oakland A's blanket.
Cammie chillin’ on the Oakland A’s blanket.

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