Got the job!

You may have read the post about my job interview a couple of weeks ago. I got the job! I’ll start the first ,week of August. Before hearing about this job, I applied for another one. I’m interviewing for that tomorrow. It’s possible that I could do both, and work sporadically (as I do now) at the job I currently have. It’s possible, but it might be a disaster. We’ll see what happens. I may not even get this other one.

In other news, I finally went to the foot doctor to get help with my wobbly ankles and gait difficulties. He said my problem is high arches, and he prescribed orthotics for me. I’m also going to physical therapy to correct my imbalances. I think it’s working. I’m just hoping to be a lot stronger in time for the Gen Con performance. The ATS move called Water Pot gives me the most trouble. In our choreography, it is rather fast. This move is  difficult if your feet don’t work right.

Here’s a video of the Water Pot by Belladonna Bellydance. Note, the first turn she does is in the wrong direction.

So I’m trying to practice our 17 or so minute set at home twice in a row to build up stamina in my legs. My calves get fatigued with too much walking or dancing.  I’m working hard to be the dancer I used to be.

As usual, I have a billion things I want to accomplish, and not enough time. As usual, I need to get up early but I don’t.

I guess all I can do is keep trying.

And I’m also trying to get into the making and selling jewelry business.

Images of my jewelry









I’ll have pieces for sale at the Different Drummer Belly Dancers exhibit booth.

And I’m really getting into selling on eBay. My husband had a couple of old Polaroid cameras. One sold yesterday and the other one sold while I was writing this post.

Polaroid OneStep AutoFocus

There you have it.


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  1. Congratulations on the new job! Also on all the hard work on your dancing and good self-care you are putting in.

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