Book Review-Job Interviewers: Get Inside Their Heads

Job Interviewers: Get Inside Their Heads written by Jack Dermody is the type of book I would buy because it looks like the ideas in it are solid. It’s also the type of book that I don’t make good use of because I just don’t like to stop and the do the exercises. I listened to the audiobook, but skipped the work, so this review is not a reflection of the full experience.

Audiobook cover for Job Interviewers: Get Inside Their HeadsThe idea behind the book is that when preparing for a job interview you should put the focus on your interviewers instead of yourself. The book  shows you how  to design your interview answers to align with your interviewers’ values—not yours.

Dermody breaks down the world  into the four classic personality types to make it easier for you to understand who you might be talking to in an interview. I don’t know if I believe that the world should be simplified like this, but it is an interesting take.

Dermody also suggests you  take the personality test to see what type you are. You can find the test at http://jackdermody.com/free-survey. The idea is that you look at qualities, good and bad, that go along with your personality type and play up the positive during the interview. I have mixed feelings about this because I think you need to be yourself in an interview. They’re either going to like you or not. If you get the job, they’ll eventually find out what you’re really like. At that point, you may prove to be a bad fit for the position. They won’t be happy and neither will you.

You might wonder how you can know the personality types of the people who are interviewing you. Dermody says that since you can’t know this you must make sure you address the values of all the types when you answer interview questions. He then provides some exercises to help you formulate those answers based on lists of the questions each personality type is likely to ask.

This book asks you to do a lot of work. I didn’t do the work, but I should. It would probably give me some deeper insights into myself and boost my confidence for the next job interview.

The bottom line is that you should probably prepare yourself to do your best in a job interview. This book could help. I don’t recommend the audiobook because the narrator sounds like an authority figure type from the 1950s. Also, you’re probably less likely to do the work if you don’t have the hard copy in front of you.

Happy job hunting!

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