The last two or three weeks have been difficult. They’ve been stressful. I started a new job, and I began riding the bus to and from said job. The summer bus schedule is limited, so scheduling my day hasn’t been easy. More frequent busses starting on Monday will help.

I’ve been going to physical therapy on Mon. and Wed. evenings. It’s really helping, but it’s a drain on my time. Only two or three more sessions though.

And then, of course, there were extra rehearsals prior to Gen Con. That was another stressor. We’ll dance at the 4th Street Arts Festival, but prep for that will be less intense.

Another thing is-I started blogging on behalf of IT Training for weareiu.com. I got a little stressy about getting started with that new role. I’ve published two posts, and a third is in the works. All is good on that front.

So August has been a bit too much!

But things are winding down a little now. I’m feeling a little calmer.

I’d better enjoy my weekend though since classes start in Monday. I’m only taking one class that meets on Fridays, but that will be enough to crazy up my life again.

I must remind myself to breath deeply and slowly.


4 thoughts on “Difficult

  1. Do you know what time you’ll be performing at 4th St. Fair?
    And yes, breathing is good. Especially a nice, long, slow, gentle exhalation.

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