Digital Libraries and Hot Air Balloons

I’m in class (Digital Libraries), thinking about how complicated this field is.

Then I stopped writing and decided to pay attention to the lecture.



Now I continue this post and mention that Writing 101 starts next week. I’m hoping to participate as fully as I can because I want to be a better writer.

I spent a few hours in the new Scholars’ Commons working on my assignment for Digital Libraries. It was a good experience. I felt like a scholar! I should have taken a picture while I was there.

Dad and I went to the Kiwanis Club of South Central Indiana Hot Air Balloon Fest at the Monroe County Fairgrounds. It was kind of neat, but I don’t think I ever need to go to this type of event again. I did take pictures and video. It was a lovely day.

Dad taking photo
Dad taking photos of balloons
Old woman who lived in a shoe and Smokey Bear
Smokey Bear and Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe


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