Writing 101 Day One: Free Writing

I could write about the weather, but I won’t. I could write about laughter, music, song, and dance. I could write about dance because I sometimes call myself a dancer.

Do I want to be a dancer or do I want to be a digital librarian? Do I want to just sell things on eBay and Amazon? Do I want to paint and draw?

I’ve found that I love dogs, but I try to keep loving cats. I was born a cat person. Sometimes I wish I was a cat. Cats are so graceful. They sleep all day, and they stretch out their limbs seemingly from wall to wall and beyond.

Dogs, on the other hand, like to smell stuff. They receive the world through their noses. I think that would be overwhelming for me. I wonder if a cat’s sense of smell is as good as a dog’s. There must be research on that somewhere. I won’t investigate. I don’t care that much.

I like taking Benadryl to help me sleep. I try not take it every night. It’s not addicting. I can sleep without it, but I just like the feeling of being out, out, out. Melatonin seems to work for me sometimes, or it might be the placebo effect.

I need a photo to go with this post.

Picture of phone self-portrait

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