Strengthening My Resolve

I guess I’ll make a list of goals for 2015. After all, it’s the thing to do. And it makes for decent blog post fodder.

I think I’ll break them down into categories just to make the exercise more difficult than it needs to be. For now, the categories will be: Health and Fitness, Writing, Jewelry Making, Online Selling, and Art Making.

Here goes…

Health and Fitness
1. Eat more vegetables and legumes, and reduce saturated fat intake. That means more cooking at home.
2. Create workout routines to address both overall fitness, and specific muscular imbalances.

Writing and Blogging
1. Write every day. Write in one of my blogs every day. Try and write “ahead of time” posts to give myself blogging days off. Blog any bit of fiction that floats about in my head. Just get it out there!
2. Create a blogging master plan. This includes being more active on Twitter.
3. Restart content curation blog.
4. Write more weareiu posts.

Jewelry Making
1. Organize a work area.
2. Make more bottle-cap necklaces to sell at Bloomington Belly Dances.
3. Start learning wire techniques.
4. Start working with resin.

Online Selling
1. Make a plan for selling on Amazon and eBay.
2. Start going to library sales to gather used book stock.

Art Making
1. Sign up for the Sketchbook Project and do Zentangles methodically in the book.
2. Improve Photoshop skills by completing lynda.com tutorials
3. Improve drawing skills

So that’s a lot. Probably too much. We’ll see how I do.

Pages from previous sketchbook
Pages from previous sketchbook

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