Such a Face

I’m getting better at drawing and digital painting. I made this face with Procreate for iPad, and then added a filter with Aviary.


I proudly showed it to my husband and he said “I’m sorry, it looks like a blood clot with a face.” I was a little insulted, but when I looked at it again, I could see what he meant. I decided to call him Billy Blood Clot.

I created a voice for Billy. He had lots of things to say about what happens you you have a blood clot, and what to do to avoid one.

We laughed so very hard. I might make hubby a Billy Blood Clot t-shirt for his birthday.

2 thoughts on “Such a Face

  1. Why did you choose to make him red? That’s kind of curious, actually. If he was some type of skin tone – other than red – he’d make an interesting creation 🙂
    Well, still interesting. Even in red. 🙂

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