Summer Angst

I’m taking a course during IU’s six week summer session. It’s about learning how to evaluate information resources and services. We learn to do this by learning to conduct research on said resources and services. This really doesn’t feel like my area. It doesn’t seem like it’s “my thing.”  There are a lot of assignments and quizzes. That means lots of work. 

I took two classes during this session last year and almost had a breakdown. I should be able to manage 50% of that. Right?

I got to class early, set up my little area, and decided to write this post. 

I continue to feel generally nervous.

 Coffee cup, orange juice, cup of cantaloupe 

1 thought on “Summer Angst

  1. The subject matter may not be your thing, may not be fun to work with, but it seems to offer some really valuable skills–tools that many of us should have in this information era. And, as you say, it’s just one class…Good luck!

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