An idea: Staring at the Wall

Old post from a soon to be deleted blog

Sheila stared at the wall in the lonely room. She thought of the room as lonely because it was where lonely people ended up. There were many reasons for loneliness in the city. Some people had moved here to escape families who would not love them. They hoped to find acceptance in this new place, but most did not. Instead of living with people who treated them cruelly or with indifference, they lived alone.

The thing that was haunting them was a little easier to live with  in a new environment. They were lonely because they wouldn’t trust themselves enough to open up to other people. Sheila arrived here last year. She had not left an uncaring family. Her family was gone-wiped out by the second famine. Her mother and father were still alive when she left, but they were just hanging on.  They sent her here so she wouldn’t meet their fate. So she stared at the wall and waited for everything to start.



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