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Screen – Daily Post Prompt

From this Daily Post: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/screen/

A screen can keep things out or keep things in. I have my own screen that protects me from life’s bad stuff, but it’s old and in need of repair. 

I can see and feel through my screen and decide what to allow in. If I’m weak, I let things in that I shouldn’t. I let things in that cause me pain. If I’m weak, I keep things out that I should let in even though they cause me pain. Some pain is meant to be felt.

The bad stuff reaches me more often these days.  The worst of it is all the hate that spews out of people’s brains and onto the Internet.  I need to know that this hate exists, but sometimes it causes me to hate. I think that every time I hate, it kills a piece of my soul. I must learn how to counter hate with love. 

Does my screen let in enough love?  I’ll bet that it does not. Sometimes love is hard to accept. It can seem too good to be true. Does my screen let out all of the love I have to give?  I can try my best to let that happen. 

I have much work to do.


Image representiing a screen 


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