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I would like to conceal my walk. I would like to conceal my frailties, and hide my humanity.

I’ve been having trouble with walking for a long time now. I felt my walk was uncoordinated, weird, funky, dysfunctional, inefficient, and just plain wrong. Turns out I was using legs that were being compromised by MS symptoms.

I have some good leg and some bad leg days. On a good day I can go about my business without having to constantly analyze and criqique my gate. On bad days, I think too much about how I’m walking and I worry that people are watching me and wondering what’s wrong. If I hear footsteps behind me, I get a sudden pang of anxiety. I want to make sure the person behind me thinks I’m a normal functioning person.  Let’s save talk about worrying what other people think for another post.

Sometimes a well-meaning person will comment on my walk. Sometimes they think I’m injured or in pain. When this happens I tend to get defensive, but I try and joke it off. Now I can say “well, I’ve got MS and this is not one of my better days.” Or I could just shrug and move on.

Here’s an interview with Montel Williams for inspiration.


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