What about today?

PT (physical therapy) at 9:00. That’s not so easy because mornings are not my thing. It’ll wake me up and get me motivated. Balance is my number one priority for these sessions. I’m hoping that every exercise I do causes my brain to make new and better connections. 

OT (occupational therapy) at 9:45. Yesterday I folded clothes and practiced walking in the kitchen with a walker while moving a jug of juice from point a to point b. I don’t plan to need the walker at home unless I’m having a flare-up, but learning these skills is important. Learn about flare-ups at this WebMD page.

We meet with Dad’s care team on the psych floor today to discuss what’s next. It’s gonna be okay.

PT and OT again later today. Meals, snacks, nap.

I want to start my position paper for class. I’ll be arguing that public libraries are still necessary and relevant. People have been trying to put libraries out of business for years, but they fill a need in society, and I intend to show it. It’s funny that I have a lot of passion about libraries, but I don’t want to work in one, and I don’t  visit the Monroe County Public Library all that often. I do use their online resources extensively though. What I learned in the Management of Public Libraries class will serve me well for this essay.

Other randomness: I would like to put together a post about MS and different exercise modalities.  I’m thinking about the hoopla hoop to start with.

Hooping Lady

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