That Husband of Mine

I was scrolling through the thousands of pics stored on my iPhone and came across a photo from my little Tennessee wedding.  I realized that I have not mentioned the amazing support my husband, Ernie, is giving me through this MS stuff, and through the Dad stuff. 

He’s here at the hospital. He visits me. He visits Dad. His sister-in-law had a knee replacement and he was up visiting on her floor too. 

He goes home and takes care of the dogs. He’s buying stuff for the house to make things a bit more accessible for me. He’s going to handle getting Dad into an assisted living facility. 

He brings me cookies and muffins and coffee.

He brings me love, encouragement, strength, hope, courage, safety, peace of mind. All of the good stuff.

 Laura and Ernie posing at front door at 556 Roxanne. Dr. Antioch, TN 6-19-2010 

Ernie makes it possible for me to be me. I’m the most fortunate girl on the planet! I am loved and I love!

3 thoughts on “That Husband of Mine

  1. You are so beautiful inside and out. I will always Thank God for Your Beautiful Mother and the time when I got to really speak with her and realized where your genuine caring for others came from. Both very sweet calm souls.This picture is amazing of You and Your Husband. Blessings and love, mercy & comfort to You Both and Your Dad. Tan

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