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A bit of baseball

Curve is the prompt

The first thing that comes to mind is baseball. Of course, baseball is always in the air at my house because it’s the sport my husband loves most. We were in bed last night and out of the blue, he told me that the Atlanta Braves have not hit a home run in 16 straight games. That’s the kind of thing I hear all the time. We subscribe to MLB TV so we can watch all of the games online (except where they are blacked out). Ernie’s team is the Oakland A’s. He’s been a fan since 1972. One of the things he liked about the team is that they had guys with interesting names like Catfish Hunter and Rollie Fingers. The A’s beat the Cincinnati Reds in the World Series in 1972.

I like, but don’t love baseball. We started watching the Reds on tv six years ago so I adopted the team as mine. I got attached to players who aren’t with them anymore so I’m cooling a little on them. Brandon Phillips is my favorite. His athleticism is beautiful.

That’s all I’ve got to say about baseball. Sports aren’t really my thing. I played softball a few seasons when I was a pre-teen, and I played volleyball in 9th grade. I wasn’t bad. If there’s a sport I kind of enjoy watching, it’s volleyball.

I feel like I threw myself a curve with this one.

Have I mentioned now much I love the Recolor  app?




Dress for Success

Once in a while,  I get the urge to start dressing better. I think I should get some new clothes and try to present myself in more a stylish (or at least more put together way). The urge usually passes because I’m too lazy to do it.

Finding a pair of pants that fits me well is never easy.  Maybe I should wear skirts and dresses more often. I should go through my closet and do a purge. I have so many things that I never wear and never will, and I need the closet space for other things. This is actually a partial solution to my art/craft/jewelry supply storage problem. I also have a belly dance costume storage problem. I might just be on to something here.

Illustration of female.

Sometimes I think I’d like to start wearing makeup. That idea turns into putting on some lipstick in the morning and never refreshing it. I also go through phases when I wear earrings every day.

It seems to me that putting a little more effort into me would be a good thing, especially as I work to manage my MS.

Look at that! I worked something out with the help of a daily prompt. 

At a Crossroads?

I haven’t had my recurring dream of driving down a road to nowhere in ages. In the dream, I drive until the car disappears. Then I’m on  a bike that goes away. After that, I’m on foot. Maybe I’ve been wandering aimlessly through life.  I’ve been seeking nothing and finding  everything. Everything is too much to handle.

Thinking about what to write overwhelms me. I think I like to give people information. I secretly like to write academic papers.  This article about different types of writers might clarify things for me.

Crossroads is the prompt. I didn’t want to actually talk about the prompt but I think I’m about to. It brought to mind the blues song by Robert Johnson, which is purported to be about a guitarist selling his soul to the Devil in exchange for musical prowess. That’s not quite my situation and I don’t believe there’s a dude called the Devil.

Digital painting of road and sky.

If I am at a crossroads in life it’s because I’m getting older and if I don’t focus on something, I may never accomplish great things. Do I need to accomplish great things?  Of course not!

What if I just do interesting things like making art, and singing, and dancing? Maybe I’ll just enjoy my life. That might be something to write about.



A Good Day

I had the first appointment with my neurologist today. I like her a lot. She’s putting me on Copaxone  (assuming insurance allows it)  which is a three times per week injection. I felt a great sense of relief after leaving the doctor’s office because the process has started and I can continue to move forward. The doctor also assured me that I’d be feeling better after the steroids are over. She also said taking a muscle relaxer for spasticity is not necessarily the way to go because you need some spasticity for your muscles to function properly. I’m going to see what exercise can do to lessen it. I’ve heard that getting good blood flow to the leg muscles helps. The same person who said that also said that a stationary bike is the best way to get that blood flow.

Illustration of fitness ball.


I had a good PT session today as well. We did some things for leg strength and worked. I learned some new exercises on the fitness ball. Some of them were like  belly dance moves on a ball. I must share them with the troupe.

Then there was hail!

Books and School

I’m reading The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. It’s about overcoming what stops you from sitting down and doing your art. I learned about it from a blog post  about books by Amanda Miniger. I really like Ms. Miniger’s  writing style. I just finished reading the fourth of the Wool series by Hugh Howey and wanted to switch gears for a bit before hitting the next one so I did a search for “best books of…” The War of Art came up again. It seemed like a good sign.  It’s a fast and enjoyable read.

Today is the day I finish my essay on public libraries. I’m enjoying the writing. I decided not to be there for the final group presentation in class. My part is small, and my energy is still pretty low. The other two group members are way more invested in it than I am anyway. Need to do some work for my real job too. I might take a stab at organizing one of the pantry shelves too.

Kitchen pantry

After counting up my credit hours for the MLS degree, I have determined that I need 3 more. Happily, the History of Libraries is being offered! It’s in the first summer session which is an intense 6 weeks so I’m in for hard work. I’m looking forward to going back to being an IU employee and not a student.

Herman B Wells Library at IU Bloomington

Herman B Wells Library at IU Bloomington









Dancing Big

The prompt is disappointment.

It occurs to me that I’m often disappointed after performing a dance solo. Over the last few years, the disapointment has been because of my wonky legs. I now know the wonkiness is because of MS. I’ve recently been designing solos that don’t require me to move about in the space too much. That’s okay because belly dance doesn’t have to big. It can be subtle. In modern dance, they tell you to be big and engulf the space. One of my dance goals is to be able to do a little more traveling onstage, and do it without fear. The key is spasticity management. The MS link in this post features a video about spasticity. It sounds like there are all kinds of ways to manage it. I’m confident that (with trial and error) I’ll find the right solution. I want to be a better belly dancer, so doing reguar drills will be part of my exercise regimen. Can being disappointed motivte you to do better?

Woman with bell bottom pants illustration.




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