Early Release

I was scheduled to be discharged from rehab on Sunday, but they moved it up to Saturday. I passed the balance test with flying colors, and proved that I can shower and get dressed by myself. 

I’ll have to pack up all of the lovely flowers I received from my wonderful friends. I want to make some kind of art project out of them, but I may never get around to that.

I’ll be taking my awesome Rollater walker.  I hope to have very few occasions to use it. Planning to buy a cane too. Walking with a cane makes me feel like some snooty professor type. It’s kind of weird and fun.

An update on the Dad situation will be coming one of these days. Don’t worry, things are falling into place. Why do I ever have doubts?

I can’t wait to see the babies!

I got a little bit done on the essay today, but I’m not doing anymore tonight. Today was kind of crazy and I am pooped. Time to stop doing stuff.

 Sadie and Riley 

 Daffodills  in vase  
Photo of Sully Beanie Baby 

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