Not Quite Real and a bit of Tech

I realized today that the pill I’m on for nerve pain is causing drowsiness. It makes me feel like I’m not quite in this world. Could it be that I will wake up to find that this MS thing was only a dream?  That’s a silly thought I guess, but I enjoy thinking of reality as being plastic.

I want to finish my position paper for class, but my head seems too foggy. In the paper, I’m arguing against a British guy who thinks libraries are over. They are not!  It will appear on my learning blog this week hopefully. 

I started to upgrade my iPhone 5s to the 6s plus online today, but the ship date would have been late April. So hubby and I will head to the AT&T store tomorrow. I’m getting the biggest phone! I probably should wait for the 7, but I just can’t.

  • I’m using technology to help manage my health. I downloaded an app called MS Self that let’s me easily record how I’m feeling each day. 
Screenshot from MS Self app
Screenshot from MS Self app
  • I’m using a biofeedback type of relaxation software tool called HeartMath.
Screenshot from HeartMath
Screenshot from HeartMath
  • I’m going to make better use of Evernote to organize my digital and real life.


Screenshot from Evernote notebook
Screenshot from Evernote notebook
I need a big phone!

We decluttered our kitchen medicine cabinet tonight. It’s really amazing how many duplicate expired over-the-counter medications we had. We have wasted a lot of money over the years!


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  1. Hello – Would love to hear how Inner Balance app works for you. I have a brother with MS and a good friend with MS. My good friend using the app frequently to help him manage his energy levels and to help him with mental focus. I happen to work at the company that created the app. If you have any questions let us know if we can perhaps help. Thanks and wish you all the best.

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