A Morning Person at Last?

There’s a medication have to take every 6 hours for a few more weeks. I do the 5:00s and 11:00s. When I get up at 5:00 am I’m hungry and wide awake. I feel like sitting down and blogging. It’s like I’m one of those productive go-getter types of people who get things done in the morning. I’ve wanted to be a morning person for many years, but my poor sleep cycle has always gotten in the way. But now, is this a turning point in my life? Is this another “MS blessing?”

The word blessing gets thrown around a lot.

Image of definitions of the word blessing.
From http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/blessing






Maybe it’s a wake-up call. Maybe this is one of the things that can happen to a human being, and it’s up to that human to either make the most of it, or just give up. I’m gonna go with making the most.

Hey, it’s 6:10 am, and I’m blogging! I’ll be off of these meds soon and on new ones. They may not require an early wake-up. Will I still get up early? I’m in a flare-up period, so my energy wanes throughout the day. That makes getting up early kind of necessary if I want to get stuff done. Who knows what will happen?

Today I go to my family doctor so he can refer me to a specialist. My legs are pretty much back to normal-ish now, so I’m planning not to use an assistive device for walking. I may use the cane if we stop at a store afterward.

I want to start talking more about food and fitness in this blog. Mark that down as a goal.

Here’s my “morning person” graphic made with an iPhone/iPad app called Assembly, and then altered with Dreamscope.

Illustration. Woman two dogs and cat.
Made with Assembly and Dreamscope for iOS.










Time to get on the mat and stretch!


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