I’m looking at the crowded kitchen counter. The get-well flowers my dear friends sent are slowly fading. The yellow tulips have closed.  The purple ones that might be lilies are past their prime, but their color remains. I should capture this color combination for a palette.  I hate to throw them away, but I have to. The metal vase they are in is nice, but we don’t really have room for such decorative objects so it will probably go to Goodwill.

 Flowers in metal vase. 
Two toasters sit to the left of the stove. No one uses the toaster oven but I can’t bring myself to part with it. The two-slice toaster does all of our toasting. We should ditch the toaster oven. It wastes space.

A George Foreman grille is to the right of the stove next to the coffee maker. Both of these stay. The spice rack is next in line. There are many jars of spices in the cabinet, so the spice rack is also wasting precious counter space. It should go.

The microwave is a must. 

There’s a nice pantry in the kitchen. It’s disorganized and almost dog treat dominated. I want to take some cans to the food bank, but I never get around to it. We could eat some of the food. Canned items aren’t so bad if you rinse the sodium away. We must take inventory and determine what’s good and bad.

The dish cabinets need a purge. The refrigerator needs a purge, and it needs to be a new side by side model. This refrigerator is not configured in the way I need it to be.

 Open. refridgerator 
Food preparation is going to be a major part of my life as someone with MS. I’m going to keep myself nourished with healthy food. I will cook like I’ve always wanted to cook. Thus, the kitchen has to be as workable as it can be. It’s just not a great kitchen, but it’s the one one I have.

My whole world must be re-configured if I’m going to live a good life with this condition I’ve been granted.

I’m up for the challenge! Check out the info I’m collecting about food in Pearltrees.

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