Waking Up

Happiness in a book

I slept/listened to a book last night called Happier: Learn the Secrets to Daily Joy and Lasting Fulfillment. My takeaway is that there is not a single point you reach called happiness. It’s more the things you do every day that keep you in a state of happy. Since I was sleeping while listening, you shouldn’t take my word for it.

A muscle relaxer called Flexeril left me in a daze for over 24 hours. It helps me sleep, but I just can’t function the next day and even into the night. I guess I’ll be learning a lot about medications.

Two To Dos

  • I will finish my essay for class today!
  • I will unpack the water filter pitcher and start using it today.

Making my own healthy snacks is the next big thing on my food prep agenda. I’ll round up recipes and post them in a big “make-ahead” food post.

Switching to thoughts about being out of the world

When I was in the hospital I gave myself permission to be on Facebook a lot.  I would frequently go through my feed to see what might be new. I used to get a lot of political stuff, but I stopped following most of those information sources and things have gotten better. For several months, I would look at Facebook and decide the world was rotten to the core, and that there was pretty much no hope. Now I see more positive stuff and enjoy only the occasional political snark. I’m in some mixed media groups and follow artists so I get to see original art by people like me. It was convenient to announce my MS diagnosis on Facebook.

Abstracted screenshot of Facebook cover image.


Looks like the steroid I’m on is making me foggy headed. No paper finsighing today.

And this happened.

Broken glassles





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