A Good Day

I had the first appointment with my neurologist today. I like her a lot. She’s putting me on Copaxone  (assuming insurance allows it)  which is a three times per week injection. I felt a great sense of relief after leaving the doctor’s office because the process has started and I can continue to move forward. The doctor also assured me that I’d be feeling better after the steroids are over. She also said taking a muscle relaxer for spasticity is not necessarily the way to go because you need some spasticity for your muscles to function properly. I’m going to see what exercise can do to lessen it. I’ve heard that getting good blood flow to the leg muscles helps. The same person who said that also said that a stationary bike is the best way to get that blood flow.

Illustration of fitness ball.


I had a good PT session today as well. We did some things for leg strength and worked. I learned some new exercises on the fitness ball. Some of them were like  belly dance moves on a ball. I must share them with the troupe.

Then there was hail!

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