At a Crossroads?

I haven’t had my recurring dream of driving down a road to nowhere in ages. In the dream, I drive until the car disappears. Then I’m on  a bike that goes away. After that, I’m on foot. Maybe I’ve been wandering aimlessly through life.  I’ve been seeking nothing and finding  everything. Everything is too much to handle.

Thinking about what to write overwhelms me. I think I like to give people information. I secretly like to write academic papers.  This article about different types of writers might clarify things for me.

Crossroads is the prompt. I didn’t want to actually talk about the prompt but I think I’m about to. It brought to mind the blues song by Robert Johnson, which is purported to be about a guitarist selling his soul to the Devil in exchange for musical prowess. That’s not quite my situation and I don’t believe there’s a dude called the Devil.

Digital painting of road and sky.

If I am at a crossroads in life it’s because I’m getting older and if I don’t focus on something, I may never accomplish great things. Do I need to accomplish great things?  Of course not!

What if I just do interesting things like making art, and singing, and dancing? Maybe I’ll just enjoy my life. That might be something to write about.



2 thoughts on “At a Crossroads?

  1. I wonder if realizing that one need not do great things as a specific milestone of maturity? I think that enjoying life is a great plan and that making art, music and dancing is a great way to do it.

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