Good is Okay


They built a stairway on that hill to make it easier for you to ascend and descend. Why are you trudging up in the grass and the dirt? Do you enjoy struggling? Are you trying to prove to everyone that you’re tough?

I ask these questions because I care about you.

I think you’re afraid that if something is too easy it means you didn’t work hard enough to make it happen. The fact is, you’ve got some natural talent in your DNA. There are some things that you were just born to do. You’ll breeze through a lot of projects and end up with something that’s good, or maybe a little above average.

Good is okay most of the time. Everything you create doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. . What you’ve got to do is find something that matters and give it your all.  Save your energy for this by taking the stairs or the elevator for the everyday stuff









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