A ramble about music


Music is everything. I don’t know how I’d live without it. I have a guitar that I don’t play anymore. When I did play, it was in a very beginner mediocre way, but it was enough. I wrote simple songs using the chords I could play. Playing and singing eased me out of some depressing times.

I’m always singing. I tend to break into song as I walk from parking lot to building. I sing songs that I know and I make up my own. You’d think I’d be a big fan of musicals, but I’m not.

The 90s was a good music time for me. I liked grunge. I liked what they called “Alternative.” Remember 120 Minutes on MTV? They used to play music videos on MTV and I watched a lot of those videos in the 80s. I had things memorized. The moment the song started I could tell you the title, artist, album, and record label. I was in front of that tv way too much. Now I’m in front of my phone way too much.

One of Erik Satie’s Gnossiennes came up on my Claude Debussy Pandora station recently. It is something I might like to choreograph a belly dance/modern/fusion piece to.

If I could play the guitar well, I’d compose and do open mics sometime. I can say that because I don’t play well so there’s no pressure to make those things happen. I did once dream of being a rock star. I still dream of being a movie star.

I’m not religious, but I like religious music. Here’s Mahalia Jackson singing Come Sunday from Duke Ellington’s Black, Brown, and Beige. Mahalia was a favorite of my mom.

I’ll think about writing a more focused, less rambly post about a music topic one of these days.

Here’s an arty picture of me with my guitar.

Laura and her guitar in soft focus.
Some kind of guitar rapture.






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