The Opposite of Diverse

The prompt is diverse.

Before responding to one of these prompts, I usually look up synonyms for the day’s word. While checking the word diverse on, I saw an ad featuring Kate Moss. I clicked it just to see what it was all about. It went to a video called Kate! The Making of an Icon that showed a bunch of images of Kate Moss. This was part of a promotion for Ms. Moss’ new fashion line.

Then I clicked the More Kate Moss link. I arrived at a site called Stylebrity, presumably about celebrities and their style. I watched another Kate Moss promo and then clicked a video titled Cara Strutting for Mulberry.

Screen shot from

This one showed highlights from a runway fashion show. At the end of the clip, all of the models paraded in a line to the front. It struck me that they all looked very much alike. I had found something that was the complete opposite diverse.  The ending to that story would have been better if I had been initially seeking antonyms. I could say that while looking for a word that was an antonym of diverse I found an example that was an antonym.

That was weird, but not really, wasn’t it?


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