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The one-word prompt is healthy. I can work with this one since I was already planning to talk about health.

The nurse came to my house to teach me how to do my Copaxone injection. I’ll be using an auto-inject device instead of a needle, so that makes it a more pleasant thing to have to do three times per week. So I’m on the way to preventing an MS relapse.

Injection rotation planner on the Copaxone Tracker iPhone app.
Injection rotation planner on the Copaxone Tracker iPhone app.

The flare-up that resulted in my diagnosis has just about gone away. Now it’s time to start going to the Y and getting in an hour of exercise at least five times a week. It’s also time to plan and make healthy meals. This is going to take some more work. I tried a recipe for “broccoli tater tots” the other day. It’s basically chopped broccoli with egg, breadcrumbs, and cheese. I forgot to add the cheese, so I wasn’t happy with the end product. I’m not sure the cheese would have added that much, though. I might try to make them again and remember the cheese and also, add something else to enhance the flavor. I may try a different recipe. There seem to be lots of similar ones out there.

Now that I feel better, I don’t have an excuse for not getting started on my goals for staying healthy. I’ll also be going to work instead of working from home.

Onward and upward as they say.

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  1. Onward and upward indeed! I’m wanting to learn some healthy recipes too–main dishes with a bit of meat and a lot of veggies and very easy to prepare. If you find anything delightful, let’s share!

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