I’ve got a lot of crap going on in my life just now, but, in reality, everything is okay. There are some things that I’m worried about, but everything is okay. Right now everything is okay.

I wake up in the morning and forget to be anxious for a while but it creeps back in. I’ve found that messing around on my phone makes it worse. Thinking about this ridiculous presidential election makes me anxious. Thinking about food makes me anxious.

I’ve had enough!

I think the thing I have to do is ask the doctor to increase my anti-depressant dosage since I know it helps with anxiety. Maybe I need a new drug. I’ve been on this one for 15 years after all. I’ve got to do something because living like this is not living. Living like this could cause an MS relapse. I can’t have that!

And why am I not doing yoga? Why am not meditating?

I know that everything is okay and that things will work out fine.  Right now everything is okay. It really is.

Coloring helps a bit.

Coloring page and colored pencil.





3 thoughts on “Anxiety

  1. coloring do help us to relieve ur stress and increase concentration… :)go ahead i do too coloring these days. Invfact two weeks back only i posted about coloring 🙂

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