Grainy Thoughts

The prompt is grain and once again I’m not inspired. I considered writing about rice. I could talk about the importance of including whole grains in your diet. Those topics would require some research, and I’m just not in the mood. I guess I’ll go to the dictionary and take a closer look at the word grain. 

Dictionary.com shows this definition as being from medicine: “A relatively small discrete particulate or crystalline mass.” I like the word discrete. There’s something elegant about it.  For some reason it brings to mind a slender woman wearing a slinky cocktail dress. She’s standing behind a pillar or sculpture almost as if she’s hiding from someone. That image reminds me of a photo I took of myself when I was living in Champaign, Illinois.  I did a lot of self-portraits back in the day, and still do. I had two single-lens reflex cameras, and a darkroom set up in my bathroom in the Clark Street apartment. I made some arty prints in my make-shift darkroom. Photo processing got to be more trouble than it was worth in the end though.

Self-portrait of blogger
In the kitchen on Clark Street-digitally enhanced version

Photography could take me back to the word grain since prints can sometimes come out grainy. That is a reminder that I need to start learning how to use my new digital SLR. 

I don’t have much more than a tiny grain to say in this post.

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