Is life a circus?

The prompt I’m working with today is circus. What if I said that my life resembles a three-ring circus? Could I make the case that this was true? I’m not sure if I’ve ever been to an actual circus. I remember going with my parents to the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh. If it was the circus that we went to, I don’t remember anything about it.

When I hear someone refer to something as being like a three-ring circus I imagine a lot of different things going on at the same time. That’s kind of the case with my life, but maybe the real circus is in my head.  I think about money, I think about MS, I think about my father’s health, I think about the readings I have to do for class and the paper I have to write. I think about writing and whether I should have used semicolons to separate the items in that list I just made.

I finally made an appointment with the doctor to have my depression medication adjusted. I’m wondering if I should start seeing a psychiatrist instead of relying on my physician for this. I listen to a podcast called ‘Wrestling with Depression‘ in which the virtues of seeing a therapist are often extolled. Do I have time for another regular commitment? I get a little stressed thinking about it.

Yesterday Ernie and I stopped by Planet Fitness to check it out. I asked for a tour and had to give them my name and phone number. I guess that’s how they get you. I liked that they had a lot more equipment than the YMCA does. The thing I don’t like is the constant music and the lack of natural light. It’s a lot cheaper than the Y, so I’m tempted to switch, but it just felt so much like a gym. I’m also considering quitting the Y and just working out at home. That would be the cheapest option of them all.

When I looked up circus on Wikipedia I found some nifty public domain images. Here’s one of them.

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