Woman in the Wall

Screenshot from video.
Screenshot from video.

A little PowerPoint animation and poem from 2008. The face was drawn (not by me) on a wall at work.

Is there anything in her face
that reminds you of yourself?
She’s not real
But there’s something about her
You can’t quite put your finger on it
You can’t quite get the idea to hold steady in your mind.
It phases in and out and you wonder if the thought
(your idea of who she is) was really yours in the first place.
Was it something you heard someone else say?
Was it a line from an old movie?
Are any ideas really your own anyway?
She’s not really a she
Only lines drawn in graphite
Lines that look like eyes,
a nose,
a mood, a personality
But you can’t abandon her
Now that you’ve seen her
It’s strange that you see things that way
Somehow the two of you are connected.
So you take a picture


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