I haven’t posted here in while, but I’ve been blogging a lot for work. I’ve also been making jewelry like crazy. Read about that in my other blog.

My exercise schedule was less than full last week, but it was better than the week before.

I will email my intent to graduate form tomorrow. I will be so glad to be finished.


I titled this one “hydration” because I have discovered that if I drink enough water, I feel a lot better. Those minor MS symptoms that normally have almost disappear when I’m adequately hydrated. The downside of this is frequent visits to the restroom.

My neck hurts because I’ve been making jewelry and looking down at my phone too much. I need to take a break from both of these activities, or try harder to keep my head up. I’m not writing much tonight because my neck hurts.

Photo of my and my dog Sadie.
Sadie & Me





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