I’ve been listening to audio books to escape reality. I was on a binge of books with the word girl in the title. I particularly like mysteries or thrillers set in England, like The Girl from the Sea, Behind Closed Doors, and No Longer Safe. I’ve come back to the U.S. with Entombed and The Drowning Game. I’ll be back to England starting tomorrow with The Sister. The thought of going through a day without listening to a novel makes me uneasy. You see, I’m very nervous about how things are going in this world. I’m very nervous.

Me and the husband are watching Rod Serling’s Night Gallery. He thought the show was great when he was a kid. I saw a few episodes in re-runs when I was a girl and thought it was good as well. It really is not that great.Most of the episodes are based on short stories, and I think they didn’t do a good job of translating the stories to tv. Despite the not-so-good ones, I am enjoying the show. I intend to read some of the original stories when I can find them. I do want to start reading more short stories so I can learn how to write them.

I’m getting closer to having a regular yoga home practice. I have cleared a physical space. I’m finding a little time to make art. I’m making many memory wire bracelets. My neck hurts. I removed the Facebook app from my phone because Facebook is making me unhappy. The best thing in life is audio books.

My group project for Digital Humanities class is coming along. I spent a few hours at the music library last Sunday. I need to spend some more this weekend. I will be happy when school is over.

I’ve been feeling tired lately. Is it the MS? I don’t know. Maybe next week will be better.

Lots of digital art.



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