The Soul

I’ve created a mini mythos for myself. It centers around a car, or rather, a crossover vehicle called the Kia Soul.

It started several months ago when I kept seeing a green Soul. I thought it was following me. I would see it everywhere I went. Somehow, I believed it was the same car and not different ones belonging to different drivers. 

I began to think of the green Kia as a guardian angel. When I came to accept that there was more than one of them, I decided there was a team of guardian angel crossover vehicles watching over me.

Green Kia Soul parked.
Green Kia Soul parked.

I’m not actually crazy. I know this is something I made up to amuse myself, but I also believe that we create our own reality. For people who believe in Jesus, Jesus is real. I believe in the Kia Soul.

The Kia fixation began to feel dumber as more green ones stared showing up. There are two in my work parking lot on most days, and one at the place where my dad is. One day I didn’t see the green ones at work, but there was a black one (or white, I can’t remember). I attached some meaning to this. After that I began seeing Kia Souls of many different colors. I realized that this is just a very popular car. I wasn’t manifesting them with my special powers. Or was I? Like Fox Mulder, I wanted to believe. I decided to interpret the presence of multiple Kias as a message. The message is that the universe is flooding me with opportunities. All I have to do is keep recognizing them.

Okay, I may be a little crazy, but I am able to find comfort in my little religion. When I’m driving around town feeling worried, a Soul goes by and reminds me that everything is just fine. Maybe my brand of crazy is healthy. Maybe it’s material for the novel I will write someday. Perhaps I should buy a Kia Soul. It’s a very cute car!

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