Photo: Ghosts in the Hall -Rachel Titiriga

New interests

I’ve recently developed an interest in the paranormal. I’m not sure what brought it on. I may have learned about a podcast called Astonishing Legends while listening to Paul F. Tompkins’ SPONTANEANATION. I binged-listened Astonishing Legends and found out about Jim Harold’s Paranormal Podcast which led me to Jim Harold’s Campfire. There’s another good one I’ve been listening to called The Anything Ghost Show. Astonishing Legends is a heavily researched show. They talk about legendary hauntings like that of the Greyfriars Kirkyard, unexplained mysteries like the deaths of the Dyatlov Pass hikers, and strange creatures like the Mothman. The show covers the paranormal as well as more earthly legends. I’ve found that I prefer the paranormal.

I’m especially smitten with The Anything Ghost Show. It features stories of real people who have experienced the paranormal or the supernatural. I’ve always believed in the possibility of ghosts and an afterlife. Now I’m convinced, and I can’t get enough of these stories. Like it says on Fox Mulder’s poster, “I want to believe.”

Photo: Ghosts in the Hall -Rachel Titiriga
Ghosts in the Hall -Rachel Titiriga Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

One thing I often wonder is where my late mother is? I see her in dreams sometimes, but in the dreams, we tend not to get along, or she actually doesn’t like me. I totally believe that many of my dreams have meaning, and that they are my connection to other realms. I think the universe that we know is not the only one, and that this existence is infinite. You and I are more powerful than we think, and reality is more complicated than we realize.

So, these ghost stories make me wonder why my mother isn’t haunting me? Is she somewhere looking after me, or does she think that I have the resources to make it on my own? I sound crazy now, but I’m enjoying myself.This new interest of mine is bound to come in handy for writing fiction. I think I’ll stick with it for a while.

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