On Fear

Let’s face it. The world is pretty messed up, and there’s not a lot I can do about it. There’s not a lot, but there is some. I think that people who care about the well-being of other human beings can play a small part in improving things. I believe that my part is to get the message out that we can’t let fear control us. We can’t let others use fear to control us. If I had the moxie and the time, I’d do a Kickstarter to help people deal with the fear that permeates our lives. I’d start an anti-fear non-profit organization. I’d develop an anti-fear or pro-courage app. I’m not that person, though. I’m an idea gal. I’ll use my writing and my art to inspire others to take the kind of action they are good at taking.

Okay, so I know fear is sometimes necessary. It’s designed to keep us safe. Most of us in the United States are safe. I know children are being abused, people don’t have access to healthcare, and there are huge amounts of lead in some cities’ water systems. And there’s tons of other stuff to worry about. Oh boy! Take a step back, though. Look at your life right now. Are you relatively okay? Are you on fire? Are you being shot at right now? If things like that aren’t going on in your life at this moment, you’re okay. Relax and breathe. Maybe you can smile.
Perhaps my take-home message is “take a moment to smile.” That advice may not help anyone except me, but I’m the only person I’m in charge of. I’ll try and do my best managing little ‘ole me.


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