Egg Spinach Bake-a sort of recipe

I would love to be a full-time food blogger, but I don’t know that much about food and cooking. What I can do is write about my efforts to cook healthy meals for myself. I have MS, so healthy eating should be a top priority in my life. Eating healthfully takes a bit of time and effort. I don’t have tons of time, or should I say, that I don’t always manage my time well? I need a way to make healthy eating easy. I need to take action without having first devised some elaborate plan that requires the use of Microsoft Project, and an administrative assistant. I have to take baby-steps.

Today, I’m sharing an easy recipe that works for me. It’s a baked egg and spinach meal. I’ll admit it needs a flavor upgrade, but it’s edible and gives me a vegetable serving. That’s not too shabby. This is loosely based on this recipe on epicurious.

Ingredients (I don’t have exact measurements for most of it)

  • Frozen spinach or kale if you like, cooked
  • 5 or so eggs
  • A little bit of half-and-half
  • Seasonings like garlic, pepper, and salt
  • Some shredded cheese. I used mozzarella.


Preheat oven to 400. Beat the eggs in a medium sized bowl. Add cooked spinach or kale and seasoning. Add a little bit of half and half. Mix it up and pour into an 8 inch greased round pan.

Top with the cheese and drizzle on some half-and-half. Pop it in the oven for 20 minutes, or until yokes are set. Let it cool a bit, and then enjoy. The next step for me is to pay more attention to the seasoning.

Finished egg and spinach dish. Containers: Black pepper, salt, dried garlic and herb mix Bag of Pictsweet Farms frozen spinach Bag of shredded mozzarella cheese

2 thoughts on “Egg Spinach Bake-a sort of recipe

  1. Excellent! Or should I say,”Egg-cellent!”? I am adding this to my recipe trove. Thanks for posting.

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