Too many photos 

We’ve moved my dad’s stuff out of his apartment. He lives at a assisted living facility now.

Anyway, a big part of dealing with his possessions is going through thousands of photos. He’s been an avid amateur photographer for over sixty years, so there are a ton of prints, slides, and negatives to go through. The photos are not organized in any way, so for now, I’m going through albums and removing prints and putting them in photo storage boxes. I am throwing some (but not nearly enough) away. I hope to digitize some of them, and many are already digitized. Someday, someone will have the job of getting rid of them after I go to that photo booth in the great beyond.

It is enjoyable to look through these images. There are many of me, Mom, and Dad. I’m coming to appreciate how striking my mother was when she was in her 30s and 40s. She was photogenic and had a good fashion sense. I’m certain I inheretidd my magnetic stage presence from her. I’m also reminded that my mother was a brave woman. I think I got that trait from here as well.

Mom and me in Rochester
Mom in pretty dress and fabulous hat
Casually elegant Mom

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