Annie’s Hanging in There

The Fourth of July is coming up and it will be another holiday with a sick pet.

Photo of Malamute/Huxley mix Annie.Photo of Malamute/Huxley mix Annie.
Annie’s kidneys are failing. We hoped she might recover with treatment and a kidney-friendly diet, but the second round of blood tests show no improvement.

She doesn’t seem to be suffering, but you can tell she doesn’t feel well. We’re giving her fluids subcutaneously and feeding her via syringe (she won’t eat on her own). We will have to put her down soon if she doesn’t pass naturally.

Annie is an elder dog. She might be 12 or even 15. She loves people and has killed a few rabbits. She’s Malamute/Husky. Malamutes are known for their penchant to stalk and mangle small furry creatures. I used to tell her she could look at the rabbits and mark them in her rabbit book but not snap their necks.

She’s a good dog and we will love her always. We’ll take it one day at a time with our Annie.


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