The Muse Returns from 9/10/16

From my She Sings of Pretty Things

After quite a long absence, my interest in making jewelry has returned. I’ve been creating some mixed media art and a lot of digital art over the last few months, but no jewelry.

It almost seems like this renewed desire to make jewelry came on suddenly, but actually, I think it has been gradually creeping in.  It could be that perusing images on Pinterest spurred me on. I’ve also been dissatisfied with the jewelry that I have available for everyday wear. Why not make some pieces for me and build my skills at the same time?

I decided to start with something easy-memory wire bracelets. I love the looks of these and how easy they are to wear. I made a bunch over the last week.

The hardest thing about these is closing the ends. I’m happy to say that I’ve  just about mastered that bit!

I now know more about what I like in this type of bracelet. I’ve found that bigger beads feel uncomfortable on my wrist, so I will start making them with small ones.

Realizing that my necklace options were limited, I decided to start making simple necklaces. I’m using whatever wire I have and practicing working with crimps and crimp covers. Some crimping has been more successful than others. I’ve read that you’re supposed to use the right size crimp for the gauge of wire you’re working with. I’m not sure what size my crimps are, so I’m just going for it.

Collage of 4 beaded necklaces.

So I’m officially off and running and obviously avoiding mastering wrapped loops. But that’s another post.

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