Arty Interests from 11/3/15

15This is a rundown of my artistic life as of late. Last month, I made a few necklaces to practice using crimps and crimp covers. I was obsessed with jewelry for a few weeks. Then, I realized that I hated all of my beads. I didn’t want to make anymore pieces with them. I considered […]


A Clearer Path? Maybe from 12/25/15

It came to me like. flash. A flash? The flashy notion was that I can use this blog to document my creative journey. I want to be an artist. No, I shouldn’t say that. I will say that I am  an artist! I have something to express. Something to share with the world. I have […]

I’m beginning to love jewelry from 8/24/15

I recently discovered something new about myself. I kind of love jewelry. This is a big surprise to me because I’ve never been one to wear a lot of jewelry. My mom bought me a pearl ring with little diamonds when I was in high school, and I wore it every day for several years. […]

Comfortably Unhappy

I’m going to call these pieces writing sketches. They’re short and meant to go nowhere.  I might do something with them one day. Edmund wore a hat on most days because he thought it made him look friendly.  Theresa thought he wore the hat to hide his receding hairline. He was one of those balding […]

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