I’m beginning to love jewelry from 8/24/15

I recently discovered something new about myself. I kind of love jewelry. This is a big surprise to me because I’ve never been one to wear a lot of jewelry. My mom bought me a pearl ring with little diamonds when I was in high school, and I wore it every day for several years. When I got to college and started taking dance classes on most days, I stopped wearing it because, as a rule, you take off jewelry before participating in a dance class. I was afraid of losing the ring, so I stopped wearing it.

I got engaged in 2009 and married in 2010. I wasn’t dancing as much, but I was still afraid of losing the rings, so I decided not to wear them. I sometimes get on kicks where I like to wear earrings, but those kicks don’t last for long.

The point is, you wouldn’t expect me to be as interested in jewelry as I am. But, something happened to me. I began learning how to make jewelry. I decided I want to sell the jewelry that I make. Now, I’m obsessed with looking at bracelets and necklaces to see how they are constructed. I’ve also become interested in vintage jewelry, because I wouldn’t mind collecting and selling it.

So this blog is going to be the place where I talk about my interest in making, collecting, selling, and learning about jewelry.

I’ll start with showing off a necklace I finished today. The beads are from a necklace of my Aunt’s that I took apart. I finally learned how to use eye pins to link beads together, and I’m getting a little better and opening and closing jump rings. I’m really proud of myself for finally diving in and practicing these techniques. If you want to learn how to do something, you have to just do it. You’ll fail at first, but it’ll get better.

Here’s the necklace. I’m calling it a prototype because I’d like to make another with better quality materials before trying to sell it. I’ll keep this one for myself and hope that it doesn’t fall apart.

Necklace made with beads, chain, and a clock charm. Necklace made with beads, chain, and a clock charm.


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