Moving Forward

My father’s funeral was last Saturday, but I don’t feel like writing about it, or him. It’s hard to talk about someone you’ve known your entire life without most of it being about yourself. So I’m not going to write about him tonight.

I need an app that will tell me how much time I waste scrolling through my Twitter feed. My addiction to Twitter must be contributing to the low mood I’ve been in this weekend. I hope to find good news and do. The problem comes when I see something ugly, mean, or scary. I forget all about the good.

The weekend wasn’t so bad though. I finally got around to wrangling my ridiculous bead stash and posting it for sale on eBay. If you’re looking to purchase a bunch of beads on the cheap, check this out.

Assorted beads for sale
Assorted beads for sale

I hope to develop a jewelry style. Owning hundreds of beads that don’t inspire me has not been helpful.

I ordered some watercolor pencils that were advertised on Instagram. When it comes to art and craft supplies, I might have a problem with control. Will I be selling all of my colored pencils and markers on eBay next year?

A new work week begins tomorrow. Let’s promise to stay positive and resist the forces out there that want us to live in fear. Let us also remember to every day find something to be grateful for.

Laura an Bill
Laura and Bill


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