I signed up for a free online workshop hosted by Karen Abend, called Sketchbook Revival.

I did this because I have a habit of signing up for things that I don’t have time for. I’m lucky to have remembered about this one at all.

Today I watched the first video of the series while using cardio equipment at Planet Fitness.

The session was given by Kiala Givehand who is one of the few African Americans I’ve come across in the mixed-media, art journaling world. The field is dominated by white women and I sure there’s a sociology paper that needs to be written about that. I’m no Sociology major, so I’ll move on.

Anyway, Kaila demonstrated some simple paper folding bookmaking techniques that I want to try. At the end of the class, she talked about the value of repetition in making art. She mentioned a poet who sat down every morning for a year and wrote a new poem about the view from his kitchen window. That is a great idea. What if I adapt it to fiction writing. I could write about a character doing the same actions every day for a month. Maybe he/she has a goal in mind, and I try different ways to get there. Now that sounds like an exercise guaranteed to improve my writing.

People say there are no guarantees in life. Let’s listen less to people for a change. Let’s just be us.

Some repetition:

Digitally painted abstract flowerDigitally painted abstract flowerDigitally painted abstract flower

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