Weighty Issue

I made a list of topics I wanted to cover in the blog. Weight loss was one of those topics. It seemed like a good idea to combine a daily prompt word, with the weight loss topic. The word guilty was an obvious choice, so I’m going with it.

My Weight

I weigh too much. I’m not sure if I’ve ever tipped the scales at this particular weight before. Perhaps I did in junior high. I feel so bad about it that I’m not willing to type the number in this post. I might still be in denial.

For me, I think it’s more about food than exercise. I used to have the idea that it was okay for me to eat something sweet every day. If it was in the past, it’s not anymore. I’m getting to the age when fat on a woman wants to migrate to the belly. I don’t like that one bit.

I know that visiting my father every evening at his assisted living facility had something to do with my weight gain. My eating habits were about the same, but I didn’t have time to exercise as much as my body needed me to. Also, I was probably still carrying some of the weight I gained from being on steroids during my MS flare-up.

My Plan and My Fear

So now I have cut out sweets and junk food except for my Saturday ice cream fix. I don’t crave sweets anymore, but I worry that being this restrictive will lead me to revolt. I’ve lost a few pounds, and my pants are fitting better, so I know this plan is working. I’m scared that a more moderate approach to sweets will send me in the wrong direction. What I have now is a problem with food. That’s not healthy.

Calories Out

“Just exercise more,” you say. I would love to be able to work out really hard most days of the week, but with MS comes fatigue. The workouts I used to do are not possible for me anymore. I have to break exercise into smaller chunks. Fitness is still possible for me, but I can’t stay in the high-intensity fat-burning zone for very long.  That feels like an excuse.

Time and Priorities

It all comes down to time management and planning. I took the time to write this post, so I probably have to choose between hula hooping and making art this evening. I also need time to fix something healthy for lunch tomorrow.

My advice to me is, “Be kind to yourself.”

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