I have a goose

Canadian goose

Goose in my backyard

I was in the kitchen on Friday evening, and I happened to look out the atrium door. What I saw was a large bird. For a moment I thought it was a wild turkey, but I soon realized it must be a goose. I sputtered out some garbled words trying to alert my husband to our backyard visitor. He quickly came to the door and confirmed that yes, it was indeed a goose.

Pitbull/Chocolate Lab Mix


Sadie (our pit/lab mix), realizing something was going on, came to the door to have a look. I was scared she would bark and scare the goose away, but she didn’t. So the hubby and I opened the door and slipped outside. We didn’t see the goose at first, so we wondered if it had flown away. We tiptoed toward the side of the house and found the goose was still on the property. It made a few steps away from us and then took to the air.

Because I’m me, I believe the goose was a message. I have been looking for little miracles for the past couple of weeks. The Universe came through with a goose.

Here are some things that a goose can symbolize.

  • Abundance may be coming your way
  • Courage to face fears
  • Joy
  • Stability
  • Wisdom

There are plenty of sites that have information about totem or spirit animals. You can believe in that kind of thing or not.

I think the Universe (or God) sent me a goose as a way of saying, “I’m with you. Things are going to be fine.”

Sometimes it helps to have a reminder to keep the faith.

Now I’m waiting to see a cryptid like Mothman, or Bigfoot. I should probably be careful what I wish for.





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  1. I loved this! I am the type that believe in signs or messages from the Universe. I remember after my grandfather that I loved so much passed away, I was sitting outside for my lunch break and I kept seeing a butterfly. I swore it was the same butterfly everyday and I thought it was my grandfather sending me a message that everything was going to be okay and he was safe and comfortable. Of course I have always had a love for butterflies, but now it seems when I am really down and just sad, I see a butterfly. I might be wrong but I think it is my grandfather letting me know life is going to be okay and I will get past whatever it is I am dealing with!

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