Planning Happily?

Artful Blogging is my favorite magazine. You’d think I’d buy it more often, or subscribe. I’m always inspired by the images and blogger stories in the magazine.

Brittany Sherman of vavoomvintage.net was featured in the latest issue. She talked about using “batch blogging” to keep her content flowing. She also said she uses a Happy Planner to manage her blogging schedule. I’ve been wanting to try using some kind of planner, so after some limited research, I decided to buy a Happy Planner.

The Planning Community

There are people whose hobby is planning. Pinterest is stupid with posts about planning and planners.  You’ve got the bullet journal crowd, the Happy Planners, the Erin Condren adherents, and I’m sure there are more.

Now the hardcore planning hobbyists enjoy decorating their planners with washi tape, and stickers. I love how their pages look, but I wonder how much time it takes to do the decorating. I just want to get my life and blog in order.

Screenshot of a Happy Planner demo/tutorial
Screenshot of a Happy Planner demo/tutorial

My Planner

I’m planning to start planning. I’ve added some appointments to the monthly view of August. The next step, come up with a plan for this blog of mine. That means looking at the bigger picture and doing the things required for being a successful blogger. I did mention a few posts back that I wanted to get serious about this venture. I’ll keep plugging along.

Riley and my planner.
August stuff.




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