When art goes bad

I was trying a drip technique with fluid acrylics. I kept adding paint until my little bottles were empty. I was happy with how it turned out, but I decided the sides of the canvas needed some color. That’s when I messed it up. I ended up with a fuzzy band of pink across the bottom.

I should have stopped here.
Image 2018-08-16_22-00-46-088
Now I hate it

The next time I try this method, I’ll use a thicker canvas to make it easier to paint the sides. I’ll also begin with the end in mind instead of deciding to try something new halfway into the process.

I was about to throw the painting away when it occurred to me that I might be able to tear it apart and use the pieces as collage elements.

I stared these tonight.

Hopefully, I’ll know when to say when with these. So far, I like them.

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