Forever never ends

August 22 prompt from Putting My Feet in the Dirt – Fighting for a forever

Do you ever get tired of trying? A lot of effort goes into being alive. Once you have food and shelter taken care of, the world asks you to do more—be more. Now that I believe in reincarnation, I’m faced with making something out of myself in this life and preparing for the next thousand.

Dive in, Sink deep, Open your eyes, Swim hard, Surface, Go back under

I believe that I’m here for a reason, maybe more than one reason. My parents needed me, but they are gone now. I used to be convinced that after my parents died, I would no longer have a purpose. That seems a little crazy, but it felt like my job, being a daughter, was done. Now I have a husband who enjoys my company. Do I have a new job?

Perhaps I’m part of an elaborate scheme that I can never understand.

Life will likely not reveal all of its mysteries to me while I’m here on earth. So I’ll keep trying. When I get tired, I’ll take a nap.

What I really want is to do is travel in the TARDIS with The Doctor.

IMG_1628 (1)
Public domain image of the TARDIS manipulated with Dreamscope.

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