Tracking Symptoms

Once in a while, I think it would be useful to track my MS symptoms. I was doing it when I was part of this study that gathered data via an iPhone app, I quit the study because I was taking all of those supplements from my herbalist and didn’t want to mess up the data. I was also tired of feeling pressured to complete the app’s activities. I considered logging my symptoms in a paper journal but that didn’t happen.

The Aby app

A week or so ago I saw an ad for an MS app on Instagram, or maybe Twitter. It’s called Aby, and Biogen makes it. Pharmaceutical companies provide these resources hoping that you’ll use their drug. It has a journal feature where you can log your activities and symptoms.  I’ve used it a few times, but it seems like more trouble than it’s worth to report the same minimal symptoms day after day.

Screenshot of Aby journal feature.
The journal feature.

The app has some useful informational articles and exercise videos. The videos are designed for people with MS who tend to have trouble with normal fitness routines because we experience fatigue more quickly than the average exerciser. I’ve done two of the routines so far. One for the lower body and the other for arms. They were both around 25 minutes long with rest breaks between sets. The lower body sequence was sufficiently challenging for me, but the one for arms didn’t feel like much of a workout. These are good to have handy on my very low energy days.

Worth a try

All-in-all, Aby is okay. I don’t like that the medication reminder feature won’t let me schedule alerts for my three times a week injections. You can only set them for multiple times a day. It only got three stars in the app store, and that was from a paltry fifteen users. The one person who wrote a review called it “Good, not great.”  I should probably add my two-cents worth.

Aby is free, so go ahead and give it a try. It may be worth it just for the exercise videos.

Any fitness screenshot

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